The West End

Van Dorn Street

It’s a rare day on Van Dorn street when it isn’t choked with traffic. This is a typical scene in the West End: wide boulevards, lots of development, and none of it very appealing or attractive.

The West End is the antithesis of Old Town. This is the most densely populated neighborhood and the largest in Alexandria, where you’ll find forests of highrise apartment and condo buildings, oceans of townhouses, acres of strip malls and the lovely industrial zone. No tourists or trendy shops here. It scores a bit fat zero on charm and atmosphere, unless Home Depot, McDonald’s and Jiffy Lube make your day.

But this is the neighborhood where I found an affordable place to live seven years ago. If I were trying to buy something now, I wouldn’t be able to live here at all. Even though it’s not cute or scenic, I like it because within its nooks and crannies, there are a lot of surprises. Come on. I’ll show you, starting tomorrow.

6 Responses to The West End

  1. santy says:

    hi marie, it’s my first time to see your new wordpress layout. looking good! I like Van Dorn Street. It looks clean and tidy 🙂

  2. mariemcc says:

    Thanks, Santy! I really like being able to insert an image into the header so easily. You should see Van Dorn Street around 5 pm on a Friday. It’s wall-to-wall cars!!

  3. ~tanty~ says:

    Agree with Santy, it’s clean and neat!

  4. Denton says:

    I suspect, with your daily photo eyes, you will find great beauty in the West End. I will watch and see what you present.

  5. oddmix says:

    Very cool. Can’t wait to see the nooks and crannies.

  6. mariemcc says:

    Tanty, yes, mostly clean. But self storage, McDonald’s, Jiffy Lube and a gas station (on the left) and a moving company (brick building on the right) and a strip mall (entrance is just past the brick building on the right), just isn’t very charming or interesting. I just concentrate more on the micro picture of what’s in the out-of-the-way corners!

    Well, Denton, I don’t know about great beauty in the West End. It’s more like a beat-up old cigar box in which you have a few interesting treasures stored, like Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Oddmix, I hope you’ll find a few things in my treasure trove that interest you.

    And thank you all for visiting!

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