Eclectic Nature Revisited

Eclectic Nature

Previously I shared an image of only the entrance to Eclectic Nature, a Del Ray garden center, because at the time there were cars parked everywhere, making SNUDs out of themselves. (SNUD is a photographic term I made up. It means Something Nasty, Ugly or Distracting.) Today it was closed, so I was able to show much more. I didn’t explain so well last time that Eclectic Nature is not a public garden to walk around in. It’s a plant nursery where you can also get interesting accessories for the garden like statuary and banners.

2 Responses to Eclectic Nature Revisited

  1. edwin s says:

    I wouldn’t mind popping in for some things for my garden.

  2. Marie McC says:

    They have some amazing things there, Edwin. Not only that, inside they sell beautiful and unusual home decor items. The display rooms were so beautiful and colorful that I took pictures of all of it!

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