Hablamos Español

Hablamos Español

This shop on Mt. Vernon Avenue caters to its many Hispanic customers who live in the Arlandria-Chirilagua neighborhood adjacent to Del Ray. Oh my goodness, Toto! We’re not in Old Town any more! Nope. You’d never see a shop like this in Old Town. In Del Ray the businesses don’t cater to tourists. They cater to residents who need to get things and get things done.

4 Responses to Hablamos Español

  1. edwin s says:

    electronic goods…my biggest weakness!

  2. Pamela says:

    He he, and hablan Spanglish. Over here we still have “Altavoces de coche”, rather than “Espeakers de Carro”. That one makes me laugh actually, because the only use for carro we have here is for supermarket shopping trolly. Every time I hear carro used (on TV in American produced programs), I imagine people driving around in Mercedes supermarket trollies and, I bet that was not the image they had in mind when they bought their expensive carros. 🙂

  3. Natalie says:

    Ha ha, I was reading pamela’s comment. Funny spaniards. I guess the latin americans just don’t speak the castellano puro de España. I remember my grammar teacher in spain making a big deal about coche vs carro. Did you know that in Spain “taco” means cuss word? Shall I ramble any longer ?

  4. Marie McC says:

    Pamela, I had the same thought. You don’t need to know much Spanish to understand the sign! 🙂

    Natalie, depends on which Latin Americans, I guess. My mother was Guatemanteca (she has passed away). She used to be so disgusted at some of the things they taught me in 7th grade Spanish class, which was not at all the kind of Spanish she spoke. She would have sneered at Spanglish. 🙂

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