A stone’s throw from Al’s Steak House (you can see Al’s sign on the far left) is Mancini’s. I love what they did with the wall. In case you can’t tell from the picture, the little alcove with the sunflowers is painted on.

5 Responses to Mancini’s

  1. Passante says:

    Is that fairly new, I wonder? I have been to Mancini’s (though not recently) but I don’t remember that charming touch.

  2. edwin s says:

    named after Henry Mancini?

  3. Marie McC says:

    Passante, I can’t tell if it’s new or not. The artist was very talented at making the alcove look real and new and at the same time making the rest of the wall look ancient and crumbling. I loved it!

    Edwin, hehehe…anything’s possible!

  4. ~tanty~ says:

    It’s a painting? I wouldn’t guessed if you didn’t say so. I like it!

  5. santy says:

    yep, same as tanty. I thought it was real. very talented indeed.

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