The Tale of Los Amigos – The Gripping Conclusion


“. . . be careful, this plate is hot.” Inspecting the plate for exactly half a second, I immediately whipped out my Canon and began shooting it. I then flung myself upon it and made every effort to make it disappear. Try though I would, I could not finish it all.

What was behind the pink door? The kitchen, of course. And if you’re wondering about all those empty tables, remember: when I went in there, it was two o’clock. Way past the lunch rush hour. That’s why there was no body in the place.

Finally, my blood sugar fully restored, I paid the bill and staggered back through the space/time continuum, back to another much less colorful life, fatter and happier.


11 Responses to The Tale of Los Amigos – The Gripping Conclusion

  1. Kim says:

    Oh you tease! Hey, that food looks yummy! A colorful, fun meal. Thanks for the the mystery,
    (whose Friday pic at SDP is also a table scene from a popular restaurant, in tribute to Felicia of San Diego Daily’s great photos, like yours, of the best Mex plates she can shoot)

  2. edwin s says:

    How could youuuuu?? I just got back from rehearsals and I’m so hungry!

  3. Passante says:

    I am glad to hear the food is as good as it ever was at Los Amigos. It’s been several years … time for me to visit again.

  4. Neorelix says:

    Fun story and great pics – thanks! I’m hungry now…

  5. Felicia says:

    Great series, looks like a charming place! What did you have to eat, looks like a taco?

  6. Marie McC says:

    I believe I’ve delivered on my Gripping Conclusion promise…several of you are now gripped with hunger! 🙂

    Kim, Edwin, Passante, Neorelix glad you stopped by to enjoy the festivities.

    Felicia, I ordered an enchilada, which I’m used to having with a flour tortilla and rolled up covered with sauce and cheese. Your very discerning Mexican food eyes have spotted a corn tortilla, which they folded in half to make my whatever it was that I ate without sauce or cheese. I don’t know whether they made a mistake on my order or this is just their way of doing it. I have to admit that, although very filling, I found the meal a tad bland. The guacamole was really good, though. I’ll go back again some day, but next time I’m bringing my own chili powder and cumin!

  7. Passante says:

    By the way, Marie, I want you to admire my enormous restraint. Since I have contributor status on your blog, I could’ve gone in and looked at your Los Amigos posts in advance—and don’t think I wasn’t tempted. But I did like everyone else and waited for you to unfold the gripping saga!

  8. Marie McC says:

    Passante, you are awarded the gold star of excellence! How flattering that my little tale so piqued your curiosity. You’ll get an extra glass of red wine tomorrow for your good behavior!

  9. Natalie says:

    Ah..a satisfying killer ending!

    Boy that food looked GOOD! What was the name of that place?

  10. Louz says:

    I loved this series, what a cool idea. Its also a pretty gorgeous Mexican restaurant. Not a velvet painting in sight. And here it is almost midnight and I’m wishing I could go find a restaurant just like that one.

  11. Sandy says:

    Next time you’re in Del Ray, try Los Tios, down near the Del Ray Artisans. There are now three Mexican restaurants in Del Ray, and after Los Tios opened, I forsook all others.

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