Evening Star Cafe

Evening Star Cafe

The Evening Star is a favorite Del Ray hangout, a place where you could find your neighbor having breakfast. You won’t run into many out of towners here.


4 Responses to Evening Star Cafe

  1. Kim says:

    I just love the reflection of the house in the window. The proportions make it seem like an elaborate doll house! A lovely summer street scene!

  2. luggi says:

    My kind of place.

  3. Passante says:

    Haven’t been there in years, though I drive past it a lot. Thanks for bringing its existence into my conscious mind.

  4. Marie McC says:

    Kim, funny, I never noticed the reflection until you pointed it out. I was concentrating more on framing the front of the building to its best advantage.

    Luggi, it really does look like a cozy spot.

    Passante, I haven’t been there at all. Let’s go there for breakfast one weekend.

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