The Scoop, Revisited


You’ve seen the building from where The Scoop hawks its wares (June 9). After reading an article in the local paper that The Scoop makes several flavors with no sugar, I leapt into the trusty Subaru and scurried down to check it out. People were lined up out the door and onto the sidewalk when I got there, but it was worth the wait. Their Pecan Cream, sweetened with Equal, was scrumptious!! I’ll be back!

3 Responses to The Scoop, Revisited

  1. ~tanty~ says:

    I love ice cream, especially now is summer, hot hot!

  2. santy says:

    We have The Scoop in Jakarta as well. Not sure if they’re the same one though.

  3. Marie McC says:

    Hey, I got Tanty and Santy commenting! It must mean good luck!

    Tanty, I think ice cream is a drug. It not only cures what ails you, but it’s addictive!

    Santy, this is a locally-owned store, not a franchise, so I don’t think the one in Jakarta is related. I hope the one in Jakarta is as good as this one is!

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