DP Theme Day: Supermarket

Giant Supermarket Snacks Aisle

This is America at its finest: a cavernous supermarket with an endless supply of JUNK FOOD!! This is only the soda and salty snacks aisle. There’s another aisle for sweets and candy. And we wonder how did we get to be the fattest people in the world. Taken at Shoppers Food Warehouse, one of the larger chains in this area.

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8 Responses to DP Theme Day: Supermarket

  1. Sarah says:

    Where are all the people? In the junk aisle of my grocery store, you can hardly walk for all the people. 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    Hehehehe that’s a pretty long aisle! But yeah, wondering too why there are no people!

  3. Denton says:

    Marie, your comment is oh so true.

  4. Marie McC says:

    Wait a minute, I haven’t commented yet! 🙂 Well, there are a few folks at the far end. The rest might be in the candy aisle, I’m not sure. Trust me, it gets quite congested here at the right time of day.

  5. Marie McC says:

    Denton, I just realized you were referring to my comment in the post. D-oh! Too much sun today, I guess!

  6. chris.h. says:

    England is getting exactly the same–and its my biggest weakness—I really MUST lose some weight!

  7. Kala says:

    that is some treats store – we do not have that here and that might be a good thing or I would have tooth cavities! Hope you guys are now dry and that the flooding threats are gone – we had some flooding early in the year and it caused a lot of damage during our record rains

  8. Hi Marie
    I’m impressed by the amount of different brands you have in the US. Everything truly is bigger (and sadly a lot of the people are, too).
    It must be hard to choose your favorite snack when you have so many to choose from.


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