Free Shuttle

June 23, 2006
DASH Free Shuttle

Free shuttle buses, with murals of Old Town, run on Fridays through Sundays mainly to help tourists get from the King Street metro station to Old Town, but anyone can ride them.


June 22, 2006
Clematis on Garden Gate

Charming garden gate with blooming clematis vine.

Union Street Public House

June 21, 2006
Union Street Public House

The Union Street Public House is a steak and seafood restaurant in a 200 year old building. It must have been a warehouse originally, as the entrance near where the man is walking looks like a loading dock.

Rose M.

June 20, 2006

Rose M.

Rose M., beloved daughter of Cora V. Bradley. Born in 1898, died in 1911 at age 13. What happened to her? And why isn’t her father’s name mentioned on her tombstone as well? We’ll never know.

At the end of Wilkes Street are two cemeteries where lie citizens from Alexandria’s early days. It’s a peaceful place to walk, contemplate and imagine what their lives were like.

George Washington’s Townhouse

June 19, 2006
George Washington's Townhouse

In addition to his lavish home at Mt. Vernon, George Washington also had a townhouse in Alexandria, even though Mt. Vernon was only eight miles away. This is a replica of that townhouse, constructed in 1960. It’s a private residence, not available for tours.

Living History

June 18, 2006
Living History

Another Civil War reenactment yesterday at Fort Ward. I really enjoy these. They do them often enough that there are never big crowds, and best of all there’s no admission fee!

Happy 100!

June 17, 2006
Happy 100!

The Daily Photo family is celebrating today. We have our 100th City Daily Photo blogger onboard! And also the 101st!