The Athenaeum

Combine the color of La Cuisine with the styling of the City Hall side entrance, and presto! We have The Athenaeum. Originally built as a bank in 1851, it’s now owned and operated by the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association, serving as an art gallery and a venue for performing arts. I just wish they’d make it easier to spell.

For a view of the entire building, click here.

7 Responses to Athenaeum

  1. Nerissa says:

    Nice to see columns in a colour other than white. I alway heard the Greeks and Romans had their columns coloured garishly. The Neoclassicists had this idea, from the ruins of these areas, that all the colums were white. They built so many buildins with white white white in this belief of the purity of line being the only decoration needed. I kind of like the marriage of the two ideas in this subtly coloured set of columns

  2. Marie McC says:

    Nerissa, the whole building is that color, except for the moldings and the triangular portion under the roof (my architectural vocabulary is lacking). It’s quite refreshing, as you say, to see a classic building like this one in something other than white. I have a shot of the whole building which I’ll post at some point, probably after I’ve actually gone inside and have something to add based on the experience.

  3. Seesaw says:

    Great angle, beautiful shot!

  4. Carlos says:

    Great architecture and attractive color. I like La Cuisine too. In general all these places seem to be well preserved.

  5. Natalie says:

    What is an athenaeum exactly supposed to be? At my hubby’s college they had a building called that where they hosted dinner and lunch lectures. The food was always good. =)

  6. ~tanty~ says:

    I like the color of the building. Soft.

  7. Marie McC says:

    Well, Natalie dolling, I had to do a little research because my Latin is a wee bit creaky. The word derives from Athena, goddess of war, wisdom and the arts, among other things. According to Wikipedia, athenaeum is “used in the names of institutions or periodicals for literary, scientific, or artistic study.” Class dismissed. đŸ™‚

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