La Cuisine

La Cuisine

A charming specialty kitchen boutique on Cameron Street near City Hall.

Passante is off to London and France. I’ll just walk by La Cuisine and pretend I’m in France.

6 Responses to La Cuisine

  1. Seesaw says:

    This looks like a very good place!!!

  2. ~tanty~ says:

    Oh, I love pink.

  3. Kris says:

    charming and inviting place 🙂

  4. Sam says:

    I love the colors in all these buildings – from the red church on!
    Just lovely!!

  5. Marie McC says:

    Seesaw, Tanty & Kris: For a traditional and conservative area, there are a surprising amount of beautifully painted brick buildings in the most surprising colors. Add the charming bay windows and the flowerpots, and you’ve got a scene that put a big, fat smile on my face! Did you check out the enlarged view?

    Sam, did you happen to see the Old Town Antiques building on May 17? It makes me think of a wedding cake!

  6. Carol says:

    I adore the quaint-ness of this architectural style! So pretty!
    If you get a chance, swing by my new DP blog – Glasgow, Scotland. It’s at

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