Gentleman’s Quarters

Gentleman's Quarters

Union Street’s Gentleman’s Quarters (blue building) is a classy men’s barbershop.

4 Responses to Gentleman’s Quarters

  1. Annie says:

    Whenever I see the words “gentlemen’s something or other” I always think of gentlemen’s clubs – and I never think the guys who go into those are really gentlemen. So, I wonder, do only gentlemen get their hair cut here?

  2. Denton says:

    I agree with annie, the name is an unfortunate choice. But it looks like the business may have been around a long time and was named before the term gentlemen’s got a bad reputation.

  3. Carlos says:

    Beatiful picture. I like the classic style of the place.

  4. Marie McC says:

    Annie and Denton, yes I know what you mean. But Denton is right, the business has been around for awhile and they mean “gentleman” in the British English meaning of the word. 🙂

    Carlos, thank you!

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