Clematis on Garden Gate

Charming garden gate with blooming clematis vine.


6 Responses to Clematis

  1. Carol says:

    Beautiful photo!

  2. Helen says:

    Very nice! I wish I had a beautiful entry like that!

  3. Marie McC says:

    Carol and Helen, thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words!

  4. Seesaw says:


  5. Passante says:

    This is so gorgeous. When I was a very young child, we lived in a duplex and so our back yard and our neighbors’ back yard were separated by a fence. The neighbors had a purple clematis growing on the fence and we got the benefit of the flowers (a deep purple). Clematis has been a favorite flower of mine ever since. Coincidentally, I did a clematis post on June 14.

  6. Passante says:

    I guess I really wanted you to know they were purple flowers! Note to self: read over what you’ve written before you hit “publish”!

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