Yappy Hour

Yappy Hour

Tuesday and Thursday evenings during good weather, the Holiday Inn hosts Yappy Hour in their courtyard, where dogs are welcome to bring their owners for drinks and appetizers. Coolest dog there last night was this guy, who graciously posed for photos but was not in the mood for pawtographs.

6 Responses to Yappy Hour

  1. Arnaud says:

    Poor dog!!

  2. Nicola says:

    Cool style :).

  3. Nerissa says:

    I wonder if it is a mixed breed. Doesn’t quite look like any breed I know. Do you?

  4. Marie McC says:

    The dog is a Jack Russell Terrier, the same breed of dog that was in the TV comedy series “Frasier.”

  5. The doggy is so cute, adorable and with a nice sense of style.
    I think he must be tired already because of the party.

    Best regards,

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