Going to the Dogs

Barkley Square Dog Bakery

Looks pretty tempting, eh? Well, these are not for you. They’re for your four-legged friend. Barkley Square in Old Town is a “gourmet dog bakery” and pet boutique. Sorry, no cat cookies available!

4 Responses to Going to the Dogs

  1. dutchie says:

    For me this is typical American! šŸ™‚

  2. Carol says:

    No cat cookies?! LOL!! Judging from experience as a cat owner, it would take a lot of trial and error (and money!) to find the one they liked and would eat. And then after I bought a lot of them, they would change their minds and not eat them.

  3. Marie McC says:

    Dutchie, yes, typical American excess.

    Carol, yeah, I have four and they probably wouldn’t eat ’em, either!

  4. Oya says:

    My Ollie eats whatever she can get šŸ™‚

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