The Scoop

The Scoop

Across the street from Pop’s is The Scoop Grill. Although they’re trying to get the point across that they serve hot food as well as frozen treats, it just makes me think of a scoop of ice cream quickly disintegrating on a grill next to a sizzling hamburger.

5 Responses to The Scoop

  1. Mark says:

    Hey, you are killing any chance I have of sticking to my diet!Lol.Great photos.

  2. Carol says:

    Looks like a great place to eat!

  3. Nicola says:

    Yes, it’s true, the ice cream really stands out on their sign so I wouldn’t have expected that they also server warm food. Looks like a nice place!

  4. Marie McC says:

    Mark, I’ll send you a warning before I visit the two local chocolatiers!! For photo purposes only, of course! 😀

  5. Lara says:

    This place serves the best ice cream! It’s fresh, it hasn’t been hard frozen, and they make up their own flavors! Blackberry – mmmmmmmmm Jack Daniels – HHMMMMMmmmmmmm – English Rum Toffee – OOOOOOOOOH!

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