Under the Green Umbrellas

Under Green Umbrellas

A group of bikers enjoying lunch at the Fish Market Restaurant. Or are they really feasting on triple scoop banana splits at Pop’s Ice Cream? Hmmm…

3 Responses to Under the Green Umbrellas

  1. Annie says:

    Green umbrellas, black umbrellas, everywhere there are shady places to sit and watch the passers-by. Tourists or natives mostly in these places, I wonder?

  2. Marie McC says:

    Yes, all sorts of umbrellas come out when the weather gets warm! Both tourists and natives, I think. I don’t frequent most of these places because they’re expensive and I’m not even middle class, salary-wise. But there are a lot of people who live around here who are rolling in money.

    I will in future posts be showing where the less privileged in Alexandria — like me! — live and dine. 🙂

  3. Seesaw says:

    Very nice shot!

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