June 30, 2006
The Athenaeum

Combine the color of La Cuisine with the styling of the City Hall side entrance, and presto! We have The Athenaeum. Originally built as a bank in 1851, it’s now owned and operated by the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association, serving as an art gallery and a venue for performing arts. I just wish they’d make it easier to spell.

For a view of the entire building, click here.


June 29, 2006

City trucks brought in sandbags in case of flooding. Fortunately they were not needed — this time. But businesses and homeowners are keeping them handy. We’ll be getting more rain soon.

City Hall Side Entrance

June 28, 2006
City Hall Side Entrance

I’ve shown you the back side to City Hall that used to be the front. Here is the beautiful side entry to City Hall with a gaslight replica.

TV news reporters this morning announced that the Alexandria waterfront area is on the verge of flooding. In past rainy years, the banks of the Potomac have overflowed several blocks up King Street. City Hall is on a mini-hill four blocks from the river, so all parking tickets and tax bills will be safe.

La Cuisine

June 27, 2006

La Cuisine

A charming specialty kitchen boutique on Cameron Street near City Hall.

Passante is off to London and France. I’ll just walk by La Cuisine and pretend I’m in France.

Gentleman’s Quarters

June 26, 2006
Gentleman's Quarters

Union Street’s Gentleman’s Quarters (blue building) is a classy men’s barbershop.