Fire Station Doorway

Fire Station Doorway

Another water dish set out for canine passers-by, this time in front of the fire station on Prince Street. And don’t they have a lovely doorway!

5 Responses to Fire Station Doorway

  1. chris.h. says:

    Love your shot of ‘small town America’.

  2. Denton says:

    I may follow your lead and post photos of water dishes for pets. We have several in town.

  3. Marie McC says:

    Thanks, Chris! I haven’t even gotten out of this one neighborhood, yet! Lots more interesting stuff to come.

    Denton, that would be great! We also have a weekly Doggie Happy Hour that I need to go photograph. I think it’s fun to see things people do for their pets.

  4. hi marie,
    is that chair in front of the door for dogs take a rest?:)

  5. Marie McC says:

    Nuno, it’s possible! 😉

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