City Hall


Alexandria’s City Hall, Cameron Street view. Built in 1871, it was expanded in 1961 and a new plaza was built in the back (on the King Street side). With the completion of the plaza, named Market Square, the building’s front and rear were reoriented. So although this side was built in grand style befitting the front side of a government administrative building, it’s now considered the back.

3 Responses to City Hall

  1. heidi says:

    A regal shot.

  2. Is this really in America ? It looks like here…. in the North of France. Virginia is really a charming state, with an old taste of Europa.

  3. Marie McC says:

    Yes, it really is America and that it resembles Europe is why I like it. The old part of the building is rather Hausmannesque and with the Mansard roof, it could be at home on a street in Paris.

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